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Email marketing

Grow your business

Attract and follow-up more patient enquiries whilst staying in touch with your existing patients, through targeted email campaigns to support your other marketing activities.

Increase your treatment enquiries with email marketing

At Mdot Marketing we understand that busy dental practice and business managers don’t always have the time or expertise to stay in touch with dental patients through professional email marketing.

Our experienced team can help you achieve this. We will create & distribute high quality, branded emails for your dental practice, following GDPR guidelines to ensure that your patient’s data is safe & kept up to date.

Attracting new patients

It can take between 6 and 8 ‘touches’ before a customer commits to making a purchase or chooses you as their dental provider.

Through digital marketing Mdot Marketing can help you to keep in touch with potential patients by regularly providing them with information that is useful and relevant to their enquiry. So, when they are ready to go ahead with their dental treatment, you ensure that your practice is at the top of their minds.

Maintain relationships with existing patients

Don’t assume your patients know about every treatment you offer.

At Mdot Marketing we have come across dental practices whose patients have previously gone elsewhere for specialist treatments such as dental implants, simply because they were unaware that their own dentist offered this treatment.

Don’t be afraid to inform your patients of the treatments that you offer. They would much prefer to have their own trusted dentist perform the work for them.


Grow your business

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Hear what our client Dr Vikram Kavi has to say:

If you want a job done, and done right the first time…I would recommend Mdot Marketing thoroughly.

I can’t tell you how different the approach has been from Mdot Marketing when compared to previous experiences. They have been very professional and have gone ahead and done things the right way.

If you want a job done, and done right the first time around…I would recommend Mdot Marketing thoroughly.

Dr Vikram Kavi, Thistle Dental Orthodontic & Implant Centre

Our Services

Social Media

Build your brand, increase your reach and attract high value patients for your focus treatments through high quality, fun and engaging posts, stories and reels.


A powerful and effective way for dental practices to connect with potential patients. Harness the power of video to tell stories and build trust; encouraging patients to make an appointment more quickly.


If you have an email database and aren’t using it, then you should be, to keep your patients informed and engaged! We create, write and send all your emails for you.


Our websites get you more enquiries for the high-value specialist treatments you enjoy working on, to help you grow your practice.


Show your patients your personality, technology, clinical cases and practice, to demonstrate how you’re different and why patients should choose you for their treatments.


Whether your graphic design project is large or small, our skilled and experienced design team can help you get it right. From printed materials to branding and social media graphics, our team can rise to any challenge.