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The Ultimate Guide to Dental Practice Video Marketing

How to use video to grow your dental practice


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    If you’re not already using video in your dental marketing, you should be…and chances are your competitors already are!

    Video is no longer a nice-to-have for marketing your dental practice, it is becoming a central part of dental marketing and something you need to be using to promote your practice, or risk getting left out in the cold.


    So how do you ensure your dental practice isn’t left behind?


    How & why should you use video to market your dental practice?

    In this FREE e-book you will learn:

    • Why video is so important for dental practice marketing
    • Types of dental marketing video you can use
    • Where and when to use your videos
    • Top tips on how to shoot your own, effective video

    Who are Mdot Marketing?

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    About the Authors – We speak dental!

    Mdot Marketing is a full-service, specialist dental marketing agency with over 20 years experience. We provide video marketing, social media, websites, digital, content and design. We pride ourselves on our industry knowledge which allows us to deliver dental marketing services that are effective, affordable and results focused.

    We get a lot of questions from our clients about how they can use video to grow their dental practices, how it can help them get new patients and keep their existing patients. So we have created this FREE e-book to explain all. We hope you enjoy reading it and find it useful.


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    What do dental marketing videos look like?

    Here are some examples of what can be achieved...

    Practice welcome video

    Showcase your practice, your team and the care you provide with engaging practice welcome videos.

    These videos allow you to put nervous patients at ease and begin a relationship with them before they event enter the practice.

    Patient story video

    Build trust through powerful and persuasive patient testimonial videos.

    These videos use real patients with real stories that will resonate with patients who may be considering a complex treatment and encourage them to take action.

    Patient journey video

    Reassure nervous patients and help them to understand complex treatments such as dental implants with these effective ‘Patient Journey Videos’.

    These videos help the patients to really understand what to expect on their treatment journey and often help in their decision making.

    Referring dentist testimonial video

    If you are looking to build your referral practice, these testimonial videos can be a fantastic tool to help get your message across.

    These videos will feature your existing referring dentists, sharing their positive experiences of referring to your practice, emphasising how well their patients were treated and reassuring prospective new referring dentists that you will always return their patients to them for their on-going care.

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