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Helix House Orthodontics

The Brief

Helix House Orthodontics is based in West Bridgford, Nottingham. They came to us with a clear aim, to have a coordinated social media presence to support the growth in driving more orthodontic patient enquiries.

With social media guiding customers’ decision making more than ever, growing a defined social media brand is vital for any orthodontic practice.

Their team led, by, Naresh Patel and Anshu Sood, wanted to have an organised social media campaign that aimed to reinforce their core values that are built around the client always being at the forefront of their thinking and providing patients with the best treatment options available.

How We Helped

We worked with the Business Development Manager to:

  • Create a multi-platform social media campaign
  • Create personality-driven Instagram and Facebook reels
  • Organise mini-media days to capture content to be used across their various social platforms.

What We Delivered

Our planned social media campaign aimed to utilise the growing medium of Instagram and Facebook reels to reach non-followers and ultimately drive more enquiries to the practice.