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Beech House

The brief

Beech House in Cobham is a modern, family-focused practice that has been open for more than 60 years. Cobham’s longest-serving dental practice wanted to utilise the power of social media to engage with existing clients as well as addressing new clients.

Beech House came to us with the aim to create a defined social media presence that used a variety of modern techniques whilst still remaining true to their values as a family-friendly dental practice. This focus on staying loyal to Beech House’s core values continued into their email marketing and website updates that helped to create a new and unified brand image.

How We Helped

We worked with Beech House to:

  • Carried out a deep dive to understand who they are, what they do and why someone should choose them
  • Created key messages that are the pillars for all communications 
  • To deliver and tailor a bespoke monthly social media campaign with the help of our mini-media days, video and photography days 
  • Created a quarterly newsletter with newsworthy articles, patient testimonials and offers 
  • Update their website with new content to help keep their website up-to-date

What We Delivered

We used our mini-media days to record and photograph relevant content that was in line with an agreed strategy and can be used and re-purposed across various platforms. This content was key to evolving the look of Beech House as it gave us the platform to create contemporary and engaging content that could entice new general patients and high value treatments.

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