ALS Dental - Mdot Marketing

ALS Dental

The Brief

ALS Dental is the UK’s leading dental manufacturing business.

We were tasked to launch ALS as a brand on several social media channels whilst reflecting the look of ALS as a contemporary brand.

How We Helped

  • Launched ALS as a brand on social media by creating Instagram and Facebook pages
  • Established key messages to unite their brand and our content.
  • Created physical content such as flyers and banners to solidify their brand.
  • Created engaging short-form content from pre-existing videos
  • Designed original videos in-keeping with the new ALS brand.
  • Wrote copy in-line with their marketing objectives

What We Delivered

Our social media content approach helped to launch their various social media channels like Instagram and Facebook as we utilised pre-existing content to create engaging short-form videos as well as more long-form design-based posts.

Physical content like flyers and banners were also created to solidify their brand image. And by developing key messages a consistent brand image was maintained throughout all of their content.