ALS Dental - Mdot Marketing

ALS Dental

The Brief

ALS Dental is the UK’s leading dental manufacturing business.

We were tasked to launch ALS as a brand on several social media channels whilst reflecting the look of ALS as a contemporary brand.

How We Helped

  • Launched ALS as a brand on social media by creating Instagram and Facebook pages
  • Established key messages to unite their brand and our content.
  • Created physical content such as flyers and banners to solidify their brand.
  • Created engaging short-form content from pre-existing videos
  • Designed original videos in-keeping with the new ALS brand.
  • Wrote copy in-line with their marketing objectives


We were asked to film ALS Dental’s first appearance at the Dentistry Show at the NEC in Birmingham, where they launched RISIO for use on their website and social media feeds.

What We Delivered

Our social media content approach helped to launch their various social media channels like Instagram and Facebook as we utilised pre-existing content to create engaging short-form videos as well as more long-form design-based posts.

Physical content like flyers and banners were also created to solidify their brand image. And by developing key messages a consistent brand image was maintained throughout all of their content.