Keeping your business afloat during Covid 19?

Lockdown began some six weeks ago and nobody could have foreseen how difficult the situation would be for individuals, families, friends, colleagues, front line workers and of course businesses.  Already struggling retail businesses quickly closed their doors for the last time within days of the lockdown.

Despite government grants and potential bank loans, this will  be catastrophic for many businesses, particularly if there is no sign to the end of a lock down.  For those businesses fortunate enough to continue trading in one capacity or another, they have had to adapt to different ways of staying in touch with their customers and to let others know they are still here.

In these changing times we have supported many of our small businesses including Keith Daniell from TMG Training – a Presentation Skills and Pitch Winning Company.  We began working with Keith to build his brand, set up social media platforms, develop a library of content to help promote his business.  We advised that a series of free training videos was key to showcasing how TMG Training could help individuals and businesses.  Many people are scared of filming themselves, but if there was ever a time to practice and give it a try – it’s now as video will account for 82% of all consumer internet traffic by 2022 (according to Cisco).

Keith said of working with Mdot Marketing that, “we have found a terrific local company who has taken what we do to a wider audience and we are enjoying a terrific working relationship promoting what we do”.

For any support call: Emma Owen on: 07901 662 630 or visit our website