Helping local businesses to grow in Nottingham and Rushcliffe

After a fantastic 2019, Mdot Marketing is now helping local businesses in Nottingham to grow. After many years specialising in dental marketing and having helped a lot of dental companies to manage all aspects of their communications, Mdot also helps small and medium businesses (SMB’S) in Nottingham and its surrounding area having been asked by many friends, family and acquaintances for help. 

Mdot is a marketing company helping SMB’s to grow through social media. Our company owner, Emma Owen from West Bridgford, says “We help small business owners who need help with their marketing and, in particular, with their social media because they don’t know where to start or simply don’t have time. So that’s where Mdot comes in”.

Thanks to the team’s corporate background, having had a long career in marketing with global brands 3M in Loughborough, Browne Jacobson and East Midlands Development Agency (EMDA) in Nottingham, we have been able to bring these skills to small and medium businesses and even blue chip companies by helping them to be more organised and consistent with their marketing. For instance, local hair salon Stylish Strands located on Loughborough Road, has grown it’s business by 20% in just six months by managing the company’s social media with the help of video and photography we created for them.”  Furheen Janjua, the salon’s owner,  has been delighted with the success of the social media campaign saying, “After we met Emma, her team managed all of my social media and have got it absolutely right from the very beginning causing me no extra work or stress – they’re so easy to work with!”.

Mdot’s team can help businesses grow by managing all aspects of their marketing including keeping companies’ websites up to date with new images, wording and blogs. Normally, business owners have monthly updates to their website but don’t know how to add new photos or content. Our team take this off from company owners’ hands and do it for them by showcasing their most recent work on their website helping to keep it looking fresh.

Nowadays, thanks to the expansion, Mdot works with a wide range of different businesses including dental practices, plumbers, civil engineering firms, physiotherapists, sports coaching, independent shops and beauty salons. For our team, no business is off limits.

For a friendly and informal chat to see how we can work with you, please call Emma Owen on: 0115 987 0044 or 07901 662 630 today.