Are you getting less engagement across your dental socials?

Are you finding your videos, images and carousels are getting less and less engagement on your socials, even though you’re posting quality content?
With many finding their videos, images and carousels receiving less and less engagement across their dental socials, it’s time to utilise and implement the number one current tactic of reaching new clients: Reels.
Since 2019, according to a study across 81 million posts by Later, the average engagement rate for feed posts (excluding Reels and IGTV) has decreased by 44%, meaning many practices are virtually invisible to the Algorithm.

Why are Reels important for your dental marketing?
Becoming vital to reaching new clients, Reels are the current and upcoming trend, becoming a priority to Instagram and its updates, and helping you reach new audience for your practice or dental company – not just your followers. And don’t worry; content doesn’t have to be fun, but can also be educational and informative about your treatments, team and services.

And to make your Reels even more engaging, don’t forget to add the newly introduced Stickers which were previously only for Stories.

Our Mini-Media Days enable us to create driven, educational and engaging content that we can use to create Reels based on your brand and its identity. To find out more, be sure to contact us.