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For dental practices, video marketing is the ideal way to get your message across & instantly differentiates you from other practices

Video is fast becoming the web’s most popular, & most powerful medium of all!

Video is a highly efficient way of conveying a lot of information in a fast, user-friendly way. In fact, it is said that 1 minute of video is equal to 1.8 million written words and by 2022 Cisco predicts that video will account for 82% of all global web traffic!

Dental practice videos

Get your message across

Video is a fast and effective way to get your message across and really help you to connect with your patients.

Sharing stories that resonate with potential patients is a powerful way to showcase your services and convey why someone should choose your dental practice.

Mdot Marketing’s production team has a tried and tested format for creating practice marketing videos, featuring patients telling their story about their fantastic experience and how it has changed their life for the better, giving them the confidence to smile again.

Tell us your story

Making the most of your investment

Our practice marketing & patient story videos are not just for use on your website.

Mdot Marketing’s team continually research the best way to format videos to get you the most interaction across your social media, ensuring you get the most effective product and return on investment. As part of our service, we will edit your videos further, providing you with short ‘bite size‘ versions for use across your social media, email marketing and waiting room TV. These short clips can also be used to help grow your referral practice; they can be used in presentations at lectures, conferences & networking events should you require.

Help your website’s Google ranking

Did you know that video on your website pages encourages visitors to stay longer (called ‘dwell time’), which in turn helps your Google SEO rankings.

Google and other search engines are looking for websites that offer value to its readers and a good user-experience.

If visitors to your site are watching a video, they are staying on your site longer, which tells Google you are offering real value, with content that visitors find interesting and engaging, such as watching a patient testimonial video.

How video can help your dental practice

Video marketing can be a powerful tool for dental practices. It can help you to:

  • Build trust through powerful and persuasive patient stories
  • Showcase your dental practice and the care you provide
  • Put nervous patients at ease
  • Reassure patients & help them to understand complex treatments
  • Tell stories that resonate with patients & influence them to take action
  • Increase traffic to your website & keep visitors on your site for longer

Dental company videos

A powerful tool for dental companies

Video is also a great way for dental companies to engage with their customers. 

Short videos from your course leaders, like this one from Dentsply Sirona, are a great way to give customers an insight into what they can expect from educational courses and how they will benefit future delegates.

They allow you to summarise key learning outcomes, share stories from past delegates and can even be used in email marketing to personally invite delegates to attend.


Showcase what makes you different

Video can be used effectively to showcase your facilities, the added value services that you offer and really get to the heart of what makes you different.

Are you launching a new product? Video is the ideal way to demonstrate new equipment and explain the features and benefits of your new product.

Introducing key members of your team and giving customers a glimpse inside your organisation allows them to get a better feel for your company, its culture and ultimately builds trust.

Social media videos

Turn a simple video into an effective marketing tool

Mdot Marketing’s social media team can help your dental practice attract more patients by producing, managing and re-purposing, high quality video content that is eye catching, engaging and effective.

Mdot Marketing will get the maximum benefit out of all your video content and help to increase your revenue. We can use video that you currently have, coach you to shoot your own videos, or even send our production team to your dental practice to produce high quality videos.

We can edit and format your videos for you; applying sub-titles, overlays, music and call to actions that turn a simple video into an effective marketing tool. We can even make them into Facebook Ads to generate new patient enquiries for your dental practice.

Need help with your social media?

Video is regarded as the best format to post on Facebook

Video is growing incredibly fast, particularly on social media. It can help you to…

Get more engagement

Video posts get at least 59% more engagement on Facebook

Grow revenue

People who use video grow their revenue 49% faster than non-video users?

Increase your reach

Over half of all online video content is viewed on mobile.

Increase your visibility

Facebook prioritises video content, so the more video you post, the more visible your social media page will be.

Grab attention for longer

75 million people daily watching video on ‘Facebook Watch’ for at least a minute…on average over 20 minutes.

Add value

Interesting and informative videos that add value for your audience will help to generate trust and loyalty.

Get more patient enquiries with powerful dental marketing videos

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Social Media

Build relationships, trust and loyalty with patients through interesting and useful content whilst also reaching new patients with a well-managed advertising strategy.


A powerful and effective way for dental practices to connect with their patients. Harness the power of video to tell stories that resonate with your clients, whilst also helping to increase your Google rankings.


Create a positive online experience for your patients with valuable, relevant and consistent content. Tell your story and engage both new and existing patients in a cost-effective way.


Attract and follow-up more patient enquiries whilst staying in touch with your existing patients, through targeted online advertising, email marketing, e-newsletters, blogs and SEO.


Whether you’re looking for more patients, more treatments or simply just to improve your online presence, Mdot Marketing can help to either improve your existing site or design and build a new one.


Whether your graphic design project is large or small, our skilled and experienced design team can help you get it right. From printed materials to branding and social media graphics, our team can rise to any challenge.

What our customers say

Alex Finney, Dentsply Sirona

Alex Finney, Dentsply Sirona

Forward thinking company, offering support and advice for all aspects of marketing and social media support. Most helpful.

Leanne Branton-Young, Southside Dental Care

Leanne Branton-Young, Southside Dental Care

Emma and her team recently helped us design a new logo and branding for our clinic - we love it and it’s been a huge hit with our patients! Thank you Mdot!

Dr Vikram Kavi, Thistle Dental Orthodontic & Implant Centre

Dr Vikram Kavi, Thistle Dental Orthodontic & Implant Centre

If you want a job done, and done right the first time…I would recommend Mdot Marketing thoroughly.

I can’t tell you how different the approach has been from Mdot Marketing when compared to previous experiences. They have been very professional, and have gone ahead and done things the right way. If you want a job done, and done right the first time around…I would recommend Mdot Marketing thoroughly.

Dr Eimear O’Connell, Bite Dentistry & President-elect of the ADI

Dr Eimear O’Connell, Bite Dentistry & President-elect of the ADI

Emma and her team redesigned our website and helped us with our marketing- we have never been busier!!

Samantha Baker, former Marketing Manager at 3M ESPE

Samantha Baker, former Marketing Manager at 3M ESPE

I would happily recommend Mdot Marketing based on their competent and professional attitude, attention to detail and willingness to go that extra mile.

Mark Ambridge, Ambridge Ceramics Ltd & Co-founder of ArKive Dental

Mark Ambridge, Ambridge Ceramics Ltd & Co-founder of ArKive Dental

Mdot Marketing have worked with me on numerous projects. They are particularly skilled with the ability to quickly learn about new digital product technologies, understand them and able to create marketing literature that is easy to understand by general dentists and orthodontists to increase awareness and uptake of the product.

Mdot (Emma) really knows her onions when it comes to dental specific marketing, and let's face it, many say they know but few actually do...